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Hieroja Töölö, Helsinki

Jessica Savolainen

Sports massage therapist


Flexus Urheiluhieronta Töölö

About me

I graduated from the Finnish sports massage school in Christmas 2022. My hobbies have created a great interest in sports and body care. When I was younger, I played soccer and nowadays I actively go to the gym. As an active person, I have noticed that body care is an important part of well-being. This is where the interest in how to maintain 
my own body and how I could also help others with it.

The best at work 

Meeting different people every day, and especially being able to promote and maintain their well-being in different ways. It is also wonderful when the customer leaves the reception satisfied. I try to find the best possible way for each customer to feel better.


My goal is to apply to study as a physiotherapist in the near future. I want to learn more about body function and rehabilitation.
In addition, I would be interested in masticatory muscle training and developing my own professional skills as a massage therapist. Welcome to better power!

Jasmin V.

Superhyvä hieronta ja mukava hieroja!💛
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