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Miika Ryhänen

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Sports massage therapist

Massage, massage of mastication muscles, acupuncture

Flexus Urheiluhieronta Töölö

About me

The change of field took me to study at the Finnish School of Sports Massage, where I graduated in June 2022. My lifestyle has long been strongly connected to exercise and sports, and I now feel that I am in a field that interests me strongly. My own injury and rehabilitation also opened my way towards changing fields. Through my lifestyle and also through my injuries, I am very interested in the functioning of the human body. I have a hobby background in many sports, when I was younger I became familiar with different ball games. For the past 10 years, the number one thing has been Thai boxing, which I also supervise the trainings for. With the rehabilitation after the knee operation, strength training has also become a regular hobby for myself.


The best at work


The fact that you get to feel that you are doing something meaningful and meet different people. The fact that you get to do work that really interests you. The opportunity to develop and constantly learn more about the functioning of the human body is also motivating. This job is also much closer to my own lifestyle than my previous jobs. I find it very important.



In the near future, the intention is to work as a massage therapist and gain more experience and training in the field. It is also planned to acquire training related to coaching in the future. In the longer term, osteopath or physiotherapist studies are also definitely interesting.

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