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Hieroja Töölö, Flexus

Tiina Enberg

Sports massage therapist

Massage, pregnancy massage, massage of masticatory muscles, acupuncture

Flexus Urheiluhieronta Töölö

About me

I am a sports masseuse graduated from the Finnish Sports Massage Institute. Body maintenance has been a part of life for twenty years, along with strength training. Own injuries give insight and understanding of the importance of rehabilitation and body care.

As a mother of two children, pregnancy and recovery from childbirth are also close to my heart.

The best at work

The best thing about my job is, in addition to the great work community, giving my clients the best possible help. It's always great to get good treatment results. I talk to my clients a lot, and that's how I usually find the biggest insights in the field of well-being.


In the fall of 2021, I am also training in masticatory massage and, more specifically, pregnancy massage.

The experience is from professional athletes, ordinary active people, pregnant mothers and seniors. 

Welcome and see you at Flexus Töölö :)

Noora R.

Tämä kokemus (45 min niska, hartia, alaselkä) meni top 3 parhaisiin hierontoihin. Tiinalla on jotenkin tosi omalaatuinen napakka ote. Lisäksi hieronta tuntui erittäin kokonaisvaltaiselta, mutta silti en jäänyt kaipaamaan minkään kohdan työstämistä pidempään. Suosittelen.
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