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Jonna Koski

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Sports massage therapist

Massage, massage of masticatory muscles, acupuncture

Flexus Urheiluhieronta Töölö

About me

I have spent most of my life in the ice rink. First with figure skating for five years and then with Ringete for about 11 years. I am currently coaching the C youth ringette team in Järvenpää. Coaching and previously working as an assistant have strengthened the feeling that I want to get additional and further education in the field of health care. I've always had a great desire to help people and that's why I applied to study as a sports massage therapist. I graduated in June 2021 from the Finnish sports massage school, where I gained work experience with competitive athletes and clients of all ages. Objects of interest are especially exercise and the prevention and treatment of sports injuries!

The best at work

The versatility of the work and the different people make this job interesting. Solving problems and complaints together with the customer are the best aspects of this job. I enjoy it when I get to help and I get to see the results of my nursing work in the client. The continuous development of the industry and bringing new information to customers also makes this job interesting.


I will regularly update my skills through trainings based on researched information. In the near future, I want to visit e.g. Biting muscle training and later to also train as a physiotherapist. In the field of coaching, I am interested in learning about psychological coaching, understanding it will certainly help both in customer contacts and on the side of the field.

Laura K.

Todella hyvä hieronta. Paine juuri sopiva ja toivealueet käytiin läpi. Suosittelen kovasti! Varmasti tulen uudestaan. Kiitos paljon Jonna! 😊
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