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Massage is an excellent choice for relaxation and pain relief. In addition to varied massage grips,  we use cold- and heat treatment, mobilization, kinetic taping, different types of stretches and give instructions on what you can do at home. When making a booking, it doesn´t matter if you take classic- or sports massage (not incl. pregnancy- and massage of masticatory muscles). Your treatment plan is made to suit you and your needs so you get the service you need.

Hieronta Helsinki | Flexus

Massage is a good type of treatment for everybody- the working, ocationally exercising and professional athlete.


  • speeds the recovery from DOMS (delated onset muscle soreness)

  • relaxes body and mind

  • eases different types of pain

What kind of massage should I get?

Is this your first time getting a massage or just need help in choosing the time which to take? Here are some references on times for different areas:

30minutes - acute neck-shoulder/low back issues.


45minutes - neck-shoulder region / arms and hands

60minutes - whole back / thighs and glutes

90minutes - larger areas and combinations, for example upper- or lower body entirely.

We offer sports massage and classic massage at all of the locations.

References from our customers

"In addition to my hosting job and my DJ gigs, I actively enjoy running. I regularly go to a masseuse and I always get help from Flexus when I need it. The premises are also very comfortable!"

 Asiakaspalaute, 2024

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