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Hieroja Töölö Helsinki

Tiina Korhonen

Massage therapist

Massage, massage of masticatory muscles, pregnancy massage

Flexus Ruskeasuo Valo

About me

A career changer who finally found his own career path. I graduated from the Finnish Sports Massage School as a sports massage therapist in the summer of 2021. My hobbies in my youth mainly included ringette and ice hockey. Today, I enjoy long walks, hiking, and the gym, and I am involved in my daughter's soccer hobby, where I act as one of the team's guardians.

The best at work

The best thing about being a masseuse is being close to people and meeting new people. Being able to concretely influence people's well-being is important to me. I feel that massage is much more than just massage. I always see a person as a whole, and that's why I also want to include an examination of the spiritual and psychological side, in order to achieve the best possible treatment result. 


My goal is to constantly develop both as a massage therapist and as a person, and to contribute to the well-being and endurance of my clients. I want to train more professionally and next I will complete TMD, or masticatory muscle training. Later, studies in physiotherapy or osteopathy are interesting.

Nea R.

Erinomainen kokemus, Tiina K. hoitaa ihmistä kokonaisvaltaisesti ja kuuntelee herkällä korvalla. Purentajumit helpottivat heti!
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