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Hieroja Töölö

Ira Saari

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Sports massage therapist

Massage, pregnancy massage, massage of masticatory muscles, acupuncture

Flexus Urheiluhieronta Töölö

About me

I have danced a large part of my life in various street dance genres. My beloved hobby has also become a profession for me and I work as a dance teacher a couple of nights a week. With dance and other exercise, a deeper interest in the well-being, maintenance and recovery of one's own body arose. Therefore, in 2019 I decided to quit office work and train as a masseuse at the Finnish Sports Massage School.

After graduating, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of mobility and mobility training. In the spring of 2022, I attended Exercisemaster's mobility coach training and since then I have actively participated in various training days and workshops.

The best at work

The absolute best thing is the people-oriented nature of the work. I receive each client as an individual, listen to them and together we find out the cause of the problem and draw up a treatment plan accordingly. It is also wonderful to notice afterwards the result of your own work and the improvement of the client's well-being.

Another great thing is the additional training opportunities and, with that, the diversity of the work. After graduation, I have received additional training in pregnancy massage, masseter massage and acupuncture. These bring more color to the working days.


The last few years have been full of training and learning new things, so now the plan is to deepen my knowledge in the current industries.

Jouko K.

Ira on erinomainen hieroja! Suosittelen! 🙂
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