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Hieronta Haaga

Anton Hellström

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Sports massage therapist, soon to be physiotherapist

Sports massage, massage of masticatory muscles, strength coaching

Flexus Fysio Haaga

About me

My interest in the human body and its functions made me apply to study at the Finnish Sports Massage College, where I graduated as a trained masseuse. In addition to my work as a masseuse, I also provide strength and physical training for both active people and athletes.
A strong desire to develop as a professional and an interest in the field motivated me to start my studies as a physiotherapist, which I am currently completing at Laurea University of Applied Sciences.
In addition to work and studies, I do sports in competitive cheerleading at SM and EC level. My best achievements in the sport are: several SM golds, the European championship and playing in the Finnish mixed national team. 

The best at work

The best part of my job is working with people and helping customers according to their needs. For me, as a professional, it is important to meet each client as an individual and find treatment interventions that are just right for them in order to achieve the best possible outcome. My aim is to promote a person's holistic health and well-being!


I would describe myself as an eternal student, because I consider it very important to constantly maintain and develop my own knowledge. In terms of future plans, I have considered, in addition to graduating as a physical therapist, e.g. studying exercise science and various possibilities for the specialization of a physiotherapist, such as sports physiotherapy.

I also speak swedish!

Jari H.

Anton todella ottaa huomioon asiakkaan tarpeet, kiitos!
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