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Hieroja Haaga, Carita Lindblad

Carita Lindblad

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Sports massage therapist

Massage, massage of masticatory muscles, pregnancy massage

Flexus Fysio Haaga

About me

I have graduated as a masseuse from the Finnish School of Sports Massage. My interest in human anatomy and physiology brought me to the field. I have been involved in various sports since I was a child, and nowadays my time is purposefully spent in strength training. I have been passionately involved in art and theater/acting for 16 years, and working in physical theater in particular ignites me. In my free time, I love to spend time by the sea and nature.

The best at work

I want to help and promote people's holistic well-being, either in the form of relaxation and stopping, or by alleviating discomfort/pain. In my work, I find focus on solutions to be important. Based on the customer's wishes and needs, we build a versatile treatment package. Meet, help and encourage!
Everyone is welcome at my reception just as they are.


I have a great desire to develop and expand my own competence with various additional trainings and postgraduate studies. I am fascinated by physiotherapist and personal trainer studies. In the future, I also dream of my own boat.

P.S. I also serve in Swedish!

Jenni S.

Erinomainen purentalihasten hieronta, Carita käsitteli hyvin kireydet ja juuri oikeat kipupisteet. Jo ensimmäinen kerta helpotti oloa. Kiitos myös ystävällisestä palvelusta!
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