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Osteopaatti Helsinki

Joonas Virtanen

Osteopath, sports massage therapist, strength coach

Osteopathy, massage, rehabilitation, strength coaching

Flexus Fysio Haaga

About me

My love for sports and movement, and thus my passion for musculoskeletal disorders, made me apply to be a student at the Finnish Sports Massage College in 2015. However, this was not enough, and I moved on to study at the Orthopedic Osteopathy Training Center, from which I graduated in 2020. I completed my last training at the University of Applied Sciences of Southeast Finland, which consisted of Sports Medicine and from coaching studies (30 credits). As a junior, I was an all-rounder at ball games, and today my free time hobbies include floorball and gym training.

The best at work

The best feeling at work comes when I have been able to help a person return to important physical activities or everyday chores even after difficult pain conditions. At work, I see various body pain conditions every day, and especially back and pelvic area problems have been treated very successfully.


My passion for the field is great, which means that there is never enough preparation in this profession. In the future, I plan to study the literature and practice of the field as much as I have time for it. In addition to continuing education, I have considered studying exercise science in Jyväskylä or a physiotherapist's degree.

Heidi T.

Kävin Joonaksen luona noin 3 kuukautta, jonka aikana saimme pitkään vaivanneen alaselkäkipuni kuriin. Iso kiitos!
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