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Hieroja Ruskeasuo

Amanda Paajanen

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Sports massage therapist

Massage, massage of masticatory muscles, pregnancy massage

Flexus Ruskeasuo Valo

About me

I’m a licensed massage therapist and sports massage therapist, working in the field since July 2022. My interest in massage didn’t come through my own sports background, but through an interest in human anatomy and wanting to work with people on a personalized and  wellness-centered basis. As a child my hobbies included gymnastics, karate and horse-back riding, but my
dearest hobby was always books and reading. These days I’m still a bookworm, but also spend my free time at the gym, swimming and enjoying various outdoor activities.
I’m happy to offer my services in Finnish, English and Swedish. I studied in English from preschool
through to high school, and grew up multilingual.
Uppvuxen i tvåspråkig familj, betjänar dig gärna på svenska också!

Favorite things about the job

I love my job because of my clients! I truly enjoy getting to focus on you and helping you feel better. Sometimes that help is relaxation and easy conversation, sometimes we’ll spend time carefully examining the painful area and planning a course of treatment together. I want to always do my job working together with my clients and listening attentively - I believe massage therapy works best when we can establish a mutual understanding and discuss openly. I also enjoy sharing
my anatomical knowledge and explaining the what and the why when it’s within my scope of practice to do so.

Future plans

Among the perks of my job are the endless opportunities to learn more and gain a deeper understanding. I pursue my interest in the field mainly through reading and work towards new hands-on skills by attending smaller further education courses.
I've contemplated pursuing an education in physical therapy, but wish to concentrate on comprehensively developing my skills as a massage therapist first. I also believe work experience will help give me an idea of what type of rehab work interests and excites me the most, which will help me immeasurably in future studies. And I do think I have the best job in the world already!

Annika L.

Amanda on asiantunteva ja asiakaslähtöinen hieroja, ja lisäksi mahtava tyyppi. Niskahartiaseutu ollut käsittelyiden jälkeen selkeästi paremmassa kunnossa. Kiitos Amanda!
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