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Kaisa Laatikainen

Sports massage therapist


Flexus Ruskeasuo Valo

About me

I have graduated as a massage therapist from the Finnish sports massage school. I have often been a client of sports massage therapists and physiotherapists who have left me with positive experiences in the rehabilitation of pain conditions and injuries. I became interested in human anatomy and physiology and especially in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases. When I was younger, I played soccer, which I later also worked as a coach. Nowadays, I enjoy jogging and gym training in my free time. Depending on the season, I also enjoy boating, skiing and snowboarding. 


The best at work


I think the best thing is to get to know and collaborate with different people. I plan the necessary treatment plans with the clients to get the best result. Feedback from satisfied customers cheers you up and brings certainty to your own work. 




I want to further develop and expand my professional skills. I am interested in learning more about acute and chronic pain conditions and expanding my expertise also in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders. After training as a massage therapist, I am continuing my studies at the orthopedic osteopathy training center in the fall of 2023.

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